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Useful Advice From A Successful Investor, Broker and Property Management Co. Owner

Episode 44: Investing In Land, Why Every Investor Needs To Know About This Option

Episode 43: How Marcin Drozdz Raised Over Nine Figures From Investors

Episode 42: Learn How Alex Is A Successful Out Of State Investor

Episode 41: How Brandon Created a $10-20 Million/Yr Development Company

Episode 40: How To Acquire Profitable Properties Without Loans or Personal Money

Episode 39: What Are ADUs And Why Are They Important? With Kalani Creutzburg

Episode 38: A Breakdown Of Multifamily Investing From Someone Whose Never Realized A Loss For His Partners

Episode 37: How to Get Started In Multifamily From An Investing Coach&Owner Of Large Multifamily Properties

Episode 36: Learn From A Multimillionaire Real Estate Developer & Experienced Investor

Episode 35: Understanding Multifamily Real Estate Through A Real Estate Attorney’s Eyes

Episode 34: Private Money Investing Can Lead To Passive Income

Episode 33: Why Real Estate Investors Should Diversify Their Income Streams

Episode 32: How To Create A Wholesaling Empire And Passive Income

Episode 31: A Glimpse At Understanding The Market And Outworking Your Competition

Episode 30: Practical Advice From A Successful Real Estate Attorney & Investor

Episode 29: From Working A Sales Job To Creating A Real Estate Empire

Episode 28: Understanding Real Estate Law And Investing From NYC & Internationally

Episode 27: Building a $20M Portfolio While Working Full Time As a Tech Sales Executive

Episode 26: Lessons From A Manager Of Vast Amounts Of Real Estate In NYC

Episode 25: Implementing Powerful Marketing Strategies to 10x Your Business

Episode 24: How To Be A Successful Real Estate Developer

Episode 23: Tricks And Tips From The #1 Realtor In Alabama

Episode 22: A Comprehensive & Current View Of Single Family & Multifamily Investing

Episode 21: From Being Broke & In Debt To Now Running A Seven Figure Real Estate Business

Episode 20: Know Your Contracts! Learn Now From An Attorney!

Episode 19: Building Massive Wealth Through Real Estate

Episode 18: Will there be a wave of foreclosures in our near future?

Episode 17: From Selling A Massive Tech Company to Becoming a Renown Real Estate Investor

Episode 16: Investing Through Private Equity For Tax Benefits & Passive Income 

Episode 15: Real World Advice on Wholesaling, Fix-and-Flips, Investing, and More

Episode 14: Create Passive Income by Investing in Real Estate Debt

Episode 13: How To Go Big and Go Bold in Real Estate

Episode 12: Decentralizing Real Estate Investing with an app

Episode 11: How Gray Capital Understands Cash Flow and Risk

Episode 10: How to Invest in Real Estate No Money, Just Hustle

Episode 9: Leveraging Opportunities and Real Estate Fundamentals

Episode 10: How to Invest in Real Estate No Money, Just Hustle

Episode 9: Leveraging Opportunities and Real Estate Fundamentals

Episode 8: Build Massive Wealth by Leveraging 1031 Exchange and Other IRS Tax Codes

Episode 7: From Knowing Nobody To Becoming a Big Investor in San Diego

Episode 6: From 21 Units to 21,000 Units Across the West Coast

Episode 5: Is the Housing Market Going to Crash? 

Episode 4: Multifamily Real Estate in San Diego and Beyond

Episode 3: Overcome Your Fear as a First Time Investor

Episode 2: From Working at Disney to $200 Million in Properties

Episode 1: Leverage Your Network and Create a $400 Million Portfolio